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Triangular Road Traffic Signs

At Hirst Signs Ltd we manufacture and deliver all UK Road signs.

If you are unable to find the sign you require, please call us on 01909 723 364 or email us at

Road Signs Specification:

  • Manufactured "in-house" to BSEN12899-1:2007 and UK Highway Regulations
  • Manufactured in an ISO9001:2015 controlled environment
  • All signs CE Marked (a legal requirement)
  • All signs are manufactured in Traffic Grade Aluminium Composite with grey reverse
  • Choice of 450mm, 600mm and 750mm sizes.

  • Reflective Class RA1 Engineering Grade or Class RA2 High Intensity Prismatic
  • Available for wall fixing or with channels on the rear for post mounting
  • Galvanised posts and stainless fixing clips available
  • Prices shown are exclusive of VAT and delivery charges which are calculated during checkout
  • Delivery is normally no more than 3/5 working days

Sheep likely to be in road ahead road sign

DoT 549
From £28.00 excl VAT

Side road ahead right road sign

DoT 506.1R
From £28.00 excl VAT

Side road ahead to left road sign

DoT 506.1L
From £28.00 excl VAT

Side winds likely ahead road sign

DoT 581
From £28.00 excl VAT

Slippery Road Sign

DoT 557
From £28.00 excl VAT

Slow moving military vehicles road sign

DoT 582
From £28.00 excl VAT

Soft verges ahead road sign

DoT 556.1
From £28.00 excl VAT

Staggered junction ahead road sign

DoT 507.1
From £28.00 excl VAT

Steep hill downwards ahead road sign

DoT 523.1
From £28.00 excl VAT

Steep hill upwards ahead road sign

DoT 524.1
From £28.00 excl VAT

T-Junction Ahead road sign

DoT 505.1
From £28.00 excl VAT

Traffic Lights Road Sign

DoT 543
From £28.00 excl VAT

Traffic merges ahead from left road sign

DoT 508.1
From £28.00 excl VAT

Traffic queues likely on road ahead road sign

DoT 584
From £28.00 excl VAT

Tramcars crossing ahead road sign

DoT 772
From £28.00 excl VAT

Try your brakes Road Sign

DoT 554.1
From £28.00 excl VAT

Tunnel ahead road sign

DoT 529.1
From £28.00 excl VAT

Two-way traffic road sign

DoT 521
From £28.00 excl VAT