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10 mph speed limit sign road sign for sale

10 MPH

£11.50£76.00 ex. VAT
15 mph speed limit sign road sign for sale

15 MPH

£11.50£76.00 ex. VAT
20 mph speed limit sign road sign for sale

20 MPH

£11.50£76.00 ex. VAT
30 mph speed limit sign road sign for sale

30 MPH

£11.50£76.00 ex. VAT
40 mph speed limit sign road sign for sale

40 MPH

£11.50£76.00 ex. VAT
5mph speed limit sign


£11.50£76.00 ex. VAT
50 mph speed limit sign road sign for sale

50 MPH

£11.50£76.00 ex. VAT
60 mph speed limit sign road sign for sale

60 MPH

£11.50£76.00 ex. VAT
national speed limit applies sign

National speed limits apply

£24.50£76.00 ex. VAT

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MPH speed limit signs are the most common signs on UK roads, single and dual carriageways. Applying to all types of vehicles, the miles per hour maximum and minimum speed limit sign can be used as temporary or permanent speed limit signage on UK roads. Depending on the type of road (i.e a built-up area or country roads), speed limiter signs could be placed to ease traffic flow or reduce accident rates to improve general road safety measures. Made from reflective materials, our mph limit signs are durable in all weather conditions, and conform to UK road sign regulations.

MPH speed limit signs range from 5 mph sign, right up to the national speed limit applies sign.

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  • Manufactured "in-house" to BSEN12899-1:2007 and UK
    Highway Regulations
  • Manufactured in an ISO9001:2015 controlled environment
  • All signs CE Marked (a legal requirement)
  • All British road and traffic signs are manufactured in Traffic Grade Aluminium Composite with grey reverse
  • Choice of 300mm, 450mm and 600mm diameter sizes
  • Reflective Class RA1 Engineering Grade or Class RA2 High Intensity Prismatic
  • Available for wall fixing or with channels on the rear for post mounting
  • Galvanised posts and stainless fixing clips available
  • Prices shown are exclusive of VAT and delivery charges which are calculated during checkout
  • Delivery is normally no more than 3/5 working days
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