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Diversion with left arrow road Sign

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Manufacturer: Hirst Signs Limited
SKU: HS149
Manufacturer part number: HS149
£38.00 excl VAT

Metal signs in free standing frames with 300mm legs
Available in Non-reflective or RA1 reflective
Available in sizes 600 x 450mm & 1050 x 750mm

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In areas of street lighting (except on motorways), a speed limit of 30mph applies unless another speed limit is specifically signed.

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The Department for Transport encourages the use of either '20 mph speed limits' or '20 mph speed limit zones' in urban situations where vulnerable road users are at particular risk. Traffic calming zones are located in areas with a high level of pedestrians such a town centres or schools. The end of the 20 mph speed limit traffic calming zone sees the limit increased to 30 mph.